About Us

Sylva is an environmental services company focused on structuring environmental assets.
We harness AI, data and finance to turn environmental stewardship into an accessible and rapid reality for all landowning communities.

Our goal is to accelerate the restoration of our natural habitat.

We specialise in three areas:

  1. Developing nature-based credits (forest, blue carbon and biodiversity credits),
  2. Creating geospatial insights and land management strategies for more sustainable productive land uses
  3. Providing technological and financial solutions to create landowner-led nature-based credits.
Our conservation approach

We take a long-term, landscape-based approach to conservation and restoration addressing the triple challenge of sustaining a growing human population, preventing biodiversity loss, and mitigating and adapting to climate change.

We focus on understanding the relationships between people and nature in places where productive land uses – such as agriculture, livestock and mining – compete with environmental and biodiversity goals. We analyse the multifunctionality of eco- and production systems and the roles played by all actors, as well as potential synergies and trade-offs between different sectors, land uses and institutions.

Our goal

We aim is to improve the allocation and management of land to simultaneously achieve social, economic and environmental objectives, while improving valuable ecosystems and the essential services they provide.

We use the latest advancements in technology to achieve that goal. 

Our Values

Our project development is guided by a key principle: decisions made today should bring positive results for communities and landscapes for decades to come, long after a project concludes. Transparency, integrity, fair benefit sharing and provisioned social security naturally follow. 

Our projects are community-led whenever possible.