Project Development

We specialise in developing biodiversity, reforestation and blue carbon projects in Latin America and Africa. We realise our projects either as partners of landowners or as project owners.

Central to any of our project development activities is our long-term commitment to the project, the landscape and to the communities:  

  • Emphasising community-owned and community-driven conservation and restoration approaches, secure land tenure and strong project governance structures
  • Investing heavily in monitoring and data collection to know what works in the long-term.
  • Ensuring social security to trees, forests and protected species

Earth Observation Services

Natural Stocktake

We take a technolgoical approach to measure natural capital at any stage in a project lifecycle.

Satellite imagery, global databases, and our models create insights on carbon and biodiversity in hours. 

Supply Chain Services

The detailed monitoring of nature-based projects extends to supply chains.

Our approach improves agriculture, informs sourcing, and supports regulatory compliance.

Impact Reporting

Our EcoSight Ledger & AdaptX combine real-time and predictive data for reporting and strategy.

We help our clients target, monitor, and reach their environmental milestones.